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We believe the designing and developing of your website and marketing should be simple, strategic, and fun. You're a busy professional who doesn’t have time to learn website creation, digital, and print marketing. You have clients to serve and a business to run. You likely have an ever-growing list of marketing and design projects that you would like to implement, but you don’t have the time to hire a designer and/or marketer or for the weeks of back and forth emails it can take to complete your project. It can easily become overwhelming to navigate different marketing services alongside the responsibilities of running a business. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Here at Truly Creative Marketing, we offer an exclusive VIP One Day Marketing Intensive package. One of our Marketing Specialists dedicates an entire day to focus on YOU and YOUR marketing projects. We strategize together so that during your intensive day we can accomplish most, if not all, of the items on the list in one day so that you can keep moving forward in your business. What’s even better is that you will know exactly how much it will cost, as it is a flat rate! You don’t want to miss out on this VIP service as we only offer limited bookings.

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An Entire Day Dedicated To

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Our VIP One Day Marketing Intensive is a fun, quick paced, and exclusive service where you are paying for eight hours of a designer's dedicated time versus a deliverable. During these eight hours, you will receive the same quality of our designer's work as you would expect in our other packages, but it will happen all in eight hours and at a flat rate! This way, you can get the results you desire in the least amount of time! Half-Day Intensives are also available upon request.

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It is essential to understand that we do not guarantee any set deliverable being completed during a VIP One-Day Marketing Intensive. However, we will cover your project's scope during our strategy call to make realistic plans to accomplish as much as we possibly can. We would love to say that everything you want to accomplish can and will be completed during a VIP One-Day Marketing Intensive, and in most cases, it will be because we follow our strategy plan. However, the truth is that it will significantly depend on your availability during the intensive day and your preparedness (don't worry, we send you an 'In Preparation' list). The overall, most significant factor in achieving success during an Intensive is how prepared you are. ​


During the intensive day, we do not require you to be present the entire day, but we will require you to be dedicated to being available for contact throughout the day to provide quick feedback as needed. It is an intense day! However, you will have a full eight hours of your designer's 100% dedicated time and energy - and with your participation, we could accomplish a lot!


What Type Of Marketing And Design Projects Can Be Accomplished In An Intensive Day?

While a fixed deliverable is not guaranteed, with hard work and strategic planning there is so much we can accomplish! These fun days can be used for website design and development, SEO, Blogging, print marketing, and digital design.

Types Of Projects We Could Accomplish In A Day:

An VIP One-Day Marketing Intensive's great feature is that we can mix and match services that we can accomplish in one day! This day is curated for you! For example, we could structure your day to include adding an additional page to a pre-existing website (with us) as well as designing you some business cards and a Facebook Banner. It’s completely customizable for your design goals.


Website Design & Development

This can include a one-to-two page website re-design, refresh, or a new business website. These will be created using a template design with customization. There will be basic on-site SEO, Call to Actions, and two stock photos provided. *Please note a website with 3-4 pages is possible but would likely require two intensive days. 

Digital Marketing & Design Services

A combination of digital marketing and design services such as, but not limited to, Offsite SEO, Blogging, social media page setup, and/or optimization (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) with custom header banners, custom graphics, and social media templates for your office with branding, and more…

Print Marketing Services

A combination of marketing materials such as, but not limited to, business cards, appointment cards, treatment folders, letterhead, envelopes, NP forms, doctor, and patient referral forms, brochures, in-office service or event posters, design and ordering of custom imprinted items (such as t-shirts, mugs, patient bags, gifts, etc.…), LED-backlit window posters, postcards, and more…

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Exclusive VIP Service With Limited Bookings

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Josh Friesen - Owner- Testimonials - Cast + Court - Community Futures

"Truly Creative Marketing created our website and did the editing for all of our social media outlets. Such a dedicated person! She has quite the eye for design and is known in her area for her expertise in marketing. We are so happy to have used her services!"

- Josh Friesen, Owner

Terri Pukanich - DDS - Slave Lake Dental - Dental Boss Lady - Testimonial

"She was exceptional at organizing content, graphic design, website development, social media, creating systems, and simply putting our marketing on autopilot.  She was instrumental in the growth of our practice….  It was truly a seamless experience.  I would highly recommend and would work with her again if given the opportunity."

- Terri Pukanich, DDS, Owner

Jeff Solis - Owner - Cast + Court - Testimonial

"Absolutely wonderful to work with in creating our website and additional marketing materials. Truly Creative Marketing is a wealth of information regarding how to ensure your business gets noticed.... and how to keep things true to your brand. We couldn't be happier with the final product and the constant support they continues to provide us."

- Jeff Solis, Owner

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